ALF Climb Assist Pulley

ALF Climb Assist Pulley
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The ALF Climb Assist Pulley uses a uniquely designed locking system, which combines a speed sensitive inertia locking brake system, with a grooved pulley wheel. At low speed (during normal use), the rope runs freely through the pulley. In the event of a fall, the rope speed increases causing the inertia brake to kick in, to promptly arrest the fall. Fall distances are extremely short, so in most cases the fallen user can regain their grip on the structure and resume their climb, without the need for assistance/instruction.

The ALFPulley is a two-way locking device which can be rigged in a continuous loop system with Alpine Butterfly attachment loops at opposing ends of the system. This means at the end of each climb/descent there is always an attachment loop present. This allows the next user to immediately commence their climb or descent.

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