Edelrid Radialis Pro Harness

Edelrid Radialis Pro Harness
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The Radialis PRO is an innovative full body harness for high ropes courses and aerial adventure parks. It’s easy to use, un-complicated design, means that participants can put it on/take it off independently of an instructor/guide.

The project name for this harness at Edelrid was the “20 Second Harness”. This simple full body harness has a rigid back frame that keeps the harnesses shape and prevents tangles. The fixed leg loops and three quick adjust buckles make this harness very fast to put on. The rigid back frame creates a supportive harness that is very comfortable. This harness comes in two sizes. The small will fit a smaller adult and children.

  • Different colors for easy size identification (icemint, oasis).
  • Three Easy Glider Buckles guarantee easy on and off.
  • Outer fabric is water resistant, fast drying, easy to wipe clean and fully washable.
  • Special feature on back (Toggle) for optimal, organized hanging storage.
  • Moveable waist padding for personalized fit and positioning.
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Price $159.95