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The Gorilla Rope was meticulously designed to include the following features:

  • High strength to weight ratio due to the specially engineered core
  • Abrasion-resistant sheathing maintains integrity under friction
  • Stretch-resistant construction keeps the line intact with minimal elongation
  • Flexible design stays strong regardless of pulley or block size
  • Slip-resistant outer sheathing designed to decrease knot slippage
  • Water-resistant core and outer sheathing optimal for outdoor use
  • Fade-resistant materials keep colors vibrant in the sun and rain, looking better for longer
  • Lightweight construction means the rope can go wherever its needed

KNOTWhile the Gorilla Rope is designed to work with the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, its high-quality design is also perfect for climbing, camping, backpacking, sailing, knot tying competitions and any other adventure or industrial activity requiring durability, strength and maximum performance.

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