TRUBLUE 2 Auto Belay

TRUBLUE 2 Auto Belay
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The TRUBLUE modular auto belays are compact AND easy to install and move as needed. They can be used with any climbing wall. The TRUBLUE 2 Auto Belay uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system and is engineered to meet the strictest safety standards of all auto belays.


• Reliability with no sacrificial wear parts
• Smooth descent with minimal variation in descent rate of a child and an adult.

• Simple to install and easy to move to accommodate group programming
• Accommodates a wide range of climber weights from 22 – 330 lbs (10 to 150 kg)


• Webbing-based system will not damage walls and feels natural when climbing
• Reduced webbing wear with unique delivery nozzle and field-replaceable webbing kit
• Lower maintenance and servicing costs



***To ensure compliance with safety standards and maintain your warranty, TRUBLUE Auto Belays must undergo an annual recertification.

The TRUBLUE 2 is available in two webbing lengths:  

  • 24.6 ft (7.5 m)
  • 41.0 ft (12.5 m)

The 24.6 (7.5 m) webbing length provides a slower descent for shorter walls.  When ordering your unit, please select the appropriate length for your climbing wall height.

Please note:  Two steel locking carabiners are needed for installation.  If you do not have steel locking carabiners, they are for sale on this site.

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